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My Little Owlets is a first-hand importer under the management of PT OASE WINAYA LITERASI that is based in Bekasi. Hence, all of our books are shipped from Bekasi.

My Little Owlets is an online bookstore, which specifically aims at providing high-quality English children's books at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of books variety, including encyclopedias, picture books, Islamic books, baby books, novelty books, etc. Our books collection has been meticulously curated based on their content, publishers, physical appearance, etc, to ensure their benefits for your little one(s)

We are keen not only on fulfilling your kids' needs in reading materials but also on fostering Indonesian children's English literacy skills in general. We believe that English literacy skill is paramount importance for their brighter future whatever career path they eventually choose.

We try our best to convey our strong value that "ALL KIDS DESERVE THE BEST LITERACY MATERIALS REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING". When we say regardless of everything, we really mean everything! Thus, by presenting reading materials at various English level at an affordable price, hopefully, we could reach broader needs, whatever your and your kids' background :)

My Little Owlets was established in 2020 with the spirit of promoting Indonesian children’s English Literacy. This passion is symbolized by "Owlets", which reflect intelligent children. Thus, we are willing to escort "your owlets", while thriving along with their golden age.

We have engaged numerous prominent children’s publishers in order to cater to Indonesian children’s needs in high-quality study materials. The following list shows the publishers we are already working with:

  • Usborne
  • Igloo
  • Penguin Random House
  • Scholastic
  • Templar
  • DK
  • Little Tiger
  • Imagine That
  • Hinkler
  • Twirl
  • Sassi Junior
  • Harpercollins
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Hachette Group
  • Make Believe Idea
  • Yoyo Books
  • Goodword
  • Learning Roots
  • Prolance
  • Children Muslim Books
  • Kube
  • and still counting up.

Our books are exclusively brought to you through a specially designed website,, in order to make sure your best shopping experience. Our book consultant (BC) is more than happy to assist you to choose the best books for your little ones. Kindly reach our BC by simply click WhatsApp/chat icon.

Aside from providing books and other educative products, we also actively support Indonesian parents nurturing their kids’ literacy. Through interactive sharing sessions, second-hand books markets, bargain sales, and other events, we could interact with our precious customers while exchanging positive value and information. Simply click the join-group icon to be a part of a literacy-conscious parents group :)

Our owner’s speech

Hi there, I am Rifny, My Little Owlets founder. It has always been a pleasure to meet all my precious customers ^^ Let me share a bit of my reason to establish My Little Owlets so that you will be able to feel the passion too.

I always agonized over my lack of English skills and low interest in reading. These hindered me to obtain great opportunities in both school and my career. I suppose that I was not the only one who faces this problem.

When I was willing to study in the United Kingdom, I finally felt the urge to enhance my English skill. Trust me, it was really unpleasant to start from scratch when we are already grown up! I pushed myself really hard to read and translate word by word of an English book. However, I witnessed that reading is an effective way to learn English, furthermore to improve English literacy. I wondered whether if I started to read English books at an early age, I didn’t have to pass through that suffocating process.

During my study in the United Kingdom, getting to know friends and children from other countries, I realized that actually Indonesian people are not less intelligent than those from other countries. Even, I believe that they have a strong potency to compete in the globe. I believe that English language proficiency is the greatest barrier to attain this excellence, yet the easiest to tackle. Yes, it could be that easy to arm our people to excel amid the global competition. It’s easy as long as they start to learn at an early age and continuously develop their skill.

This fact encourages me to take part in future Indonesian excellence. I believe that promoting Indonesian kids’ English literacy will be a big leap for our brighter future. Therefore, I am committed to providing high-quality yet affordable English books, so that all kids would be favored with broader opportunities in the future.

Warmest regards,


© 2021

Iya Arlia
Recommended books for you who wants to introduce English to your chidren. My daughter was super excited when she unwrapped the package. Super aman. Pake bubble wrap tebal. Kecepatan pengiriman sangat ... detail

Ajrina Ebi
Makasih banyak My Little Owlets. Banyak buku-buku Usborne idaman

Ais Kartika
New books for Mas Arfan. Bagus2 banget buku2nya. Mupeng pengen dibeli semua

Thank you My Little Owlets! Bukunya uda sampai.. Sibil juga seneng banget dikasih ini :)

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